Waivers allow a foreign national, otherwise deemed inadmissible, to be admitted to the United States. Waivers are also available for foreign nationals seeking adjustment of status. Additionally, aliens in removal proceedings may seek an immigration waiver in the context of cancellation of removal. Certain waivers of inadmissibility require that the foreign national demonstrate that being denied admission would result in extreme hardship to a specific immediate relative. Most immigration waiver applications are filed on the Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility. To ensure that the applicant proceed with the most effective application that he or she is eligible for, it is essential to employ a lawyer familiar with as many immigration matters as possible. Bethel Law Group stays abreast of consistently evolving laws in immigration and can advise you accordingly. Call us at (508) 439-4445 or e-mail us at admin@bethellawgroup.com to consult with an immigration lawyer regarding waivers and your eligibility. 

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