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Rhoda A. Agyeman


I am Rhoda Agyeman-Frimpong

As an immigrant, I know firsthand the challenges immigrant communities face.

People are often nervous when it comes to immigration, and rightfully so. Immigration is an evolving area of law with many nuances that often leave applicants confused, anxious, and frustrated.  This is exactly why clients contact me. I have handled several types of immigration cases and I understand. I understand the anxiety that comes with waiting to know the fate of an adjustment of status application. I understand the confusion trying to decide whether to file for citizenship after three years or five years. I understand what it is like to have a loved one facing deportation or in removal proceedings. I have handled cases from artist visas and green card applications to waivers of inadmissibility, so I understand your predicament. 



Most law students will tell you they attend law school because they want to help people. Like them, I too want to help people. Not just any people, but those willing to navigate through a complex legal system to make the United States their home or place of work. Living with immigrant parents who, without formal legal assistance, maneuvered through countless forms, application fees, and ultimately acquired citizenship, offers a perspective that is reflected in my practice. I am the immigration attorney my parents did not have, and the attorney any immigrant seeking to make America his/her home, needs. 

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, “if you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself, something to repair tears in your community, something to make life a little better for people less fortunate than you.” I align with this belief. It is my desire to better the life of every client I have the opportunity to serve.



I was born in Ghana and as a product of the U.S. immigration process, I made it a priority to study and understand the fundamentals of immigration law as a law student. I spent three years working as a legal assistant in an immigration firm helping clients apply for immigration benefits before graduating with a Juris Doctorate degree from New England Law | Boston. I have filed and received favorable outcomes for motions to reopen closed cases, motions to reconsider decisions by immigration judges, green card, and citizenship applications. My passion for family unification led me to serve as an attorney in the Children and Family Division of the Public Defender’s office, where I advocated for the interests of children and families. 

My consistent engagement with immigrant communities reinforced the need to serve and represent immigrants. The more I learned about the challenges faced in the pursuit of lawful status, the more I began to envision myself as an advocate for immigrants.

Immigration Law is active, your lawyer should be too


When selecting a lawyer to entrust the fate of your immigration status to, you want someone with a robust understanding of the law. With the ever-changing nature of immigration law, you need an attorney who is engaged with the current affairs of immigration today. From conferences to seminars to continuing legal education programs; I stay involved and in the know.

I have handled several complex immigration cases and continuously discover effective methods of attaining a successful outcome. I am a member of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts bar, but my passion for reuniting families through immigration allows me to serve and represent clients throughout the United States and abroad. I am a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, an organization of legal practitioners fully committed to immigration and consistently acquiring knowledge to best serve our clients.

When you are faced with a bad immigration case, you need a good immigration attorney. Call me at 508.439.4445 or schedule an appointment here.

Rhoda Agyeman
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